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Assessments & Grading

evaluaciones y calificaciones

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Kimbrough PE Grading Protocol

  • Weighted by Domain (per quarter)

    • Total Points per Quarter/Rotation: 20 points* (Summative Assessments) 

    • Psychomotor: 8 points (40%)-Of or relating to movement/movement patterns directly proceeding from mental activity (and therefore the performance of movement/movement patterns); Standards 1 & 2

    • Fitness: 4 points (20%)-Of or relating to fitness skills and performance, concepts and principles and/or habits and attitudes; Standards 2-4

    • Cognitive: 4 points (20%)-Of or relating to mental cognition of skills, concepts and strategies in sports, physical activities and wellness; Standards 1-4

    • Affective: 4 points (20%)-Of or relating to feelings, emotions, attitudes, habits and values of physical activity, sports and wellness; Standards 2-4


*7th& 8th will have 40 points total since they are seen for twice as long-everything doubles. 

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